Rigger/loler Job In Dozier, Alabama

יצא לאור 2021-11-25
פג תוקף 2021-12-25
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Rigger/loler Job In Dozier, Alabama
United States, Alabama, Dozier,
יצא לאור November 25, 2021

פרטי עבודה

סוג עבודה: Full time
סוג חוזה: Permanent
סוג השכר: Per annum
כיבוש: Rigger/loler

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Energy Resourcing is currently looking for an LOLER for an adhoc trip.



Key Responsibilities


Accountable to ensure all hoisting and lifting activities are carried out theo the agreed LOLER scheme of compliance

To review and approve all lifting operations, lifting plans and risk assessments.

Lifting operations are being undertaken within a safe system of work e.g. properly planned, risk assessed, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner by competent personnel

Provide technical guidance and support to the offshore Rigging teams to ensure all lifting operations are implemented safely and efficiently and in accordance with LOLER and BS7121 Part 1,2,11 and any other applicable project specific lifting standards

Custodian for the management of change process for lift plans, ensuring all changes to list plans are formally documented, evaluated and where applicable endorsed by the appropriate technical authority(s). All changes to lift plan must be endorsed by the Appointed Person.

Review and endorse all lift plans developed by the site/installation rigging function.

Ensure that the technical integrity of all lifting equipment used on the site/installation is continually assured through the performance of regular lifting equipment inspections are carried in accordance with the requirements of LOLER and the Assets Written Scheme of Examination (WSE)


Key skill requirements are


All offshore statutory certs including BOSIET/Medical/EBS/MIST/Shoulder measure etc

NVQ LEVEL 3 trained Rigger

Appointed person Lifting Operations

Preparation of site lift plans

Demonstrable supervisory experience in offshore construction  projects

Working at height certification

Manual handling assessor

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